Didn’t I Tell You the Flat is Shitty?

So, a couple of weeks ago we had a fly infestation in the kitchen. I spent a good couple of days just chasing flies out of the window. I got pretty good at it actually. Anyway, I spent forever looking for the source of them although I really didn’t want to. All I kept imagining was opening a bag or something and a million flies swarm out and eat me alive! Anyway, that didn’t happen. I didn’t find anything… until last Monday. Thankfully, all the flies have gone now but I looked out the window to see that the waste pipe has come of the bracket and the roof it goes over is covered in basically gross, old, mushy toilet paper and of course, poop. It’s weird though because there is no smell coming from it but I haven’t got that close. Some men came round today to have a look at it (and all the other problems). Their solution? Prop it up on two bricks. Yeah, guys. Thanks. That is really going to help. 

Another problem that has recently occurred is that one of our emergency lights in the kitchen is flooded with water and so has basically exploded. We think it happened because a window upstairs was left open last weekend when it rained non-stop, soaking into the carpet and therefore dripping through into the light, creating a nice little aquarium. The men who came round this morning (at 9am, I may add and yes, I was still asleep) haven’t done a thing about it nor about the smell coming from the kitchen sink. Didn’t I tell you this flat was shitty? Quite literally…

On a slightly happier (and not so disgusting) note, my friend, Will has gotten into Uni so tonight we celebrate! Congratulations to him on the thousands of pounds of debt he will get!


The Heart of Eastleigh

I’ve been thinking of writing a little bit more about Eastleigh. Now that I have been here for a few months, I think that it is safe to say that I know it quite well although I did find out only a few days ago that there is a swimming pool nearby!

Anyway, Eastleigh’s heart mainly consists of two streets and a shopping centre. The streets are Market Street and High Street which I believe to be two of the most interesting and definitely unique names anyone could have come up with for two main shopping streets. Here, there are a number of shops. There is Sainsburys on one end and a Tesco on the other, situated in the shopping centre. The streets mainly consist of charity or pawn shops. By the shopping centre (which contains some pretty decent shops, actually e.g T.K MAXX or Robert Dyas) is a cinema and eating area with many chain restaurants so I must say, that’s something. It’s better than Paisley (Glasgow) at any rate!

The train station is nearby to where I live which is nice because then I don’t have to walk through the town too much to get to it. There is also a park and a bingo hall. All anyone really needs! Particularly if they are an 80 year old woman…

That is pretty much it for the “ever-beating” heart of Eastleigh. I say ever-beating in quotation marks because after about 5pm, it’s pretty much dead.  Although if you are ever lucky enough, you may come across a chav or two or twenty when it gets dark…

A Little Background

I have been living in Eastleigh now since the middle of May so I am a little behind on starting this blog but I will be honest, I didn’t have the idea until very recently. Since May, a lot has happened here but first a little bit of background about why I live here and what it’s like.

I am here because it’s only ten minutes train journey from my University and my friend lives here and she suggested it. It’s cheaper than Winchester at any rate! I received the key to my flat, or rather my shared kitchen and my tiny room in April but was still living in Halls so didn’t move until a month after. The first night here, I instantly regretted my decision. It’s a very small space, recently renovated but I’m pretty sure it’s had some cowboy builders. There has been so much wrong with it. The first thing I noticed was the front door, it wasn’t secure. Then, my room door, the lock actually pulled out! There are nails left behind in the floorboards that I can feel with bare feet under the carpet, the shower leaked, the toilet was not fixed to the floor and on top of that, there was a strange and rather disgusting smell in the kitchen. I emailed some pictures to the landlord and thankfully, two people came to fix the doors, the leak and the toilet in about a week although I was given no warning and at 10 am, was woken by two Polish guys knocking on my bedroom door which quite frankly, scared the shit out of me.

There are three rooms in the flat, one beside mine that leads straight onto the kitchen and one above. The one next to me was not occupied when I arrived but there was/is a flatmate above. She is quiet and nice and respectable so it is a nice change from living in Uni Halls!

Living on a main straight with all the shops is both good and bad. It is nice to walk out of the door and have everything you need, at the most, five minutes away but because it is very busy, it is often noisy both during the day and at night. In the daytime, people are bustling around, going about their own business so you can generally just hear a low murmur of talking and cars going by but during the night, everything seems much louder. People stand outside and shout and fight and when cars go by, it’s like they are in the room. Between the hours of 3am and 6am (depending on the day), a roadsweeper comes by and it literally vibrates the walls, waking me up so I have to lie there for half an hour until it has gone. I learnt this within the first two weeks of living here. On top of all that, next door is a club. It is currently closed but is due to open within the next few weeks, just as I start Uni again, so I will let you know how that one turns out.

Overall, I don’t like it here. Not really. I just have to keep reminding myself that at least I have running water (however questionable on it’s cleanliness) and a roof over my head and can afford food. Besides, I signed a contract for a year so it looks like I am stuck here, writing this blog.